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v. 6, n. 2: (December 2010): Challenges and Diversity of Journalism Research -English Version Visual impact in the digital press: a Spanish empirical research Resumo   PDF
Joan Francesc Fondevila Gascón
v. 7, n. 2: (December 2011): Journalism Research Networks - English Version Weaving journalism into networks Detalhes   PDF
Beatriz Becker, Fernando Resende
v. 8, n. 2: (December 2012): Audiovisual Journalism: from tradition to the New Paradigms - English version What does video-camera framing say during the news? A look at contemporary forms of visual journalism Resumo   PDF
Juliana Freire Gutmann
v. 10, n. 1: (June 2014): English version What is the impact of the web on local journalism? Two case studies in Toulouse, France. Resumo   PDF (English)
Franck Bousquet, Nikos Smyrnaios, Dominique Bertelli
v. 15, n. 3: (December 2019): Fake news: challenges and risks for contemporary journalism What is the post-truth? Elements for a critique of the concept Resumo   PDF (English)   PDF
Eli Borges Júnior
v. 10, n. 2: (December 2014) - 10th Anniversary of BJR (Special Edition) - English version What to do about journalism? Resumo   pdf (English)
Barbie Zelizer
v. 3, n. 2: (December 2007): Journalism theories - English Version What to do About Journalism? Journalism and the International academic world Resumo   PDF
Barbie Zelizer
v. 15, n. 2: (August 2019): Journalism Research in Brazil, France and Belgium When Journalists and Marketers Negotiate: A Competency-Based Analysis of Negotiation Processes in Brazilian and Belgian Media Organizations Resumo   PDF (English)   PDF (PT)
Djenane Arraes Moreira, Sylvain Malcorps, Maíra Moraes Vitorino
v. 15, n. 1: April 2019 Which Crimes Make the News? An Analysis of Discursive Matrices Permeating Brazilian Investigative Reporting Resumo   PDF (English)   PDF (PT)
Seane Alves Melo, Marco Antonio Roxo
v. 14, n. 2: (August 2018): Journalists in the Newsrooms: Professional roles, influences, and changes in journalism Who Are the Spanish Journalists? Professional Profiles and Changes in the Profession Resumo   PDF (English)   PDF (ES)
Rosa Berganza, Beatriz Herrero-Jiménez, Eva Luisa Gómez Montero
v. 7, n. 1: (Junho de 2011): Jornalismo e Imagem: Versão em Português Wikimedia: integração de texto e imagem no ensino de Jornalismo Resumo   PDF
Mayra Rodrigues Gomes, Rosana de Lima Soares
v. 7, n. 1: (June 2011): Journalism and Image - English Version Wikimedia: integration of text and image in the journalism teaching process Resumo   PDF
Mayra Rodrigues Gomes, Rosana de Lima Soares
v. 10, n. 1: (June 2014): English version Working in a developing communication space. Facebook and Twitter as journalistic tools for European information pure-player websites Resumo   PDF (English)
Florian Tixier
v. 14, n. 3: (December 2018): Literary Journalism as a Discipline Writing on Self, Writing on the Other: Literary Journalism as Theoretical Parameter for the Biographical Genres Resumo   PDF (English)   PDF (PT)
Rogério Pereira Borges
v. 10, n. 2: (December 2014) - 10th Anniversary of BJR (Special Edition) - English version “Citizen journalism” and the myth of redemptive technology Resumo   pdf (English)
Sylvia Moretzsohn
v. 11, n. 2: (December 2015) - English version “Data Journalism”, an investigation Practice? A glance at the German and Greek cases Resumo   PDF (English)
Juliette Charbonneaux, Pergia Gkouskou-Giannakou
v. 14, n. 1: (April 2018): Journalism and Gender Studies “Sui Generis” Journalism? Visibility, Identities and Journalistic Practices in a 1990s Brazilian Gay Magazine Resumo   PDF (English)   PDF (PT)
Ricardo Augusto de Saboia Feitosa
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