Three Dimensions of the Author-function in Journalism Practices
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Laurindo, R. (2007). Three Dimensions of the Author-function in Journalism Practices. Brazilian Journalism Research, 3(2), 111–130.


The following communication sums up the doctorate thesis “The Three Dimensions (singular, particular and universal) – of the author-function in the Construction of the Typologies of Journalism: Journalist-Author and Brand-Author”, presented by the researcher to the Department of Communication Science of the School of Social and Human Sciences of the New University of Lisbon, in November 2005. The thesis discusses what the author is in journalism and proposes the dimensioning of the author function from two typologies: journalist-author and brand-author. The former articulates the categories: singular, particular and universal, while the latter is a prisoner of the hegemonic logic of the institutional and organizational powers, asphyxiating the possibility of a universal grasp of the singular. In a world controlled by the brand kingdom, singularity survives, despite everything. It is the way that remains for journalism as a social means for apprehension of reality, always requiring specifc and transforming education.
PDF (Português (Brasil))

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