Conflicts of Interest and Research Ethics

Authors must state in the article that no connections or links to funding organizations, including commercial or political institutions, have been omitted. Any commercial or financial involvement that may represent a conflict of interest must be brought to the attention of the editor, in the form of a letter, at the time of submission. Conflicts of interest can occur between authors, reviewers, and editors.

For articles based on research involving human beings, the authors themselves are responsible for adopting and adhering to the ethical procedures of the particular field, which may include submission of the article to the Research Ethics Committees of their institutions or countries, when applicable.

BJR adopts a policy of promoting integrity in research, following the guidelines of the SciELO Good Practice Guide for strengthening ethics in scientific publishing. In addition, we encourage authors to consult the Journal's Code of Conduct and Good Research Practices and the rules of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).