Peer Review Process

After submission, all articles will be checked for plagiarism and self-plagiarism, and whether they meet the magazine’s standards. An initial evaluation will then be carried out by the editorial team (desk review) to assess the following criteria: International scope, Methodological clarity, Originality, Quality and currentness of references, Nature of descriptive or analytical research. For more information on this process, see BJR editorial Volume 15, number 2.

Articles that meet these criteria will be sent to blind peer review, in this case neither the authors nor the reviewers know who the other party is. Each article is reviewed by a minimum of two external reviewers, chosen in proportion to the topic of the article, the theoretical and methodological references adopted, and in some cases, the geographic location where the research was carried out.

The review form adopted by BJR is avaliable here.

BJR may also choose to send some submissions to the EmeRI preprints platform to speed up the evaluation process. Keeping in line with the journal’s Open Science practices, the authors of the articles will be revealed. This will not alter the originality of the article. More information on preprints is available here.

Reviewers who might have a particular conflict of interest - for example, previous knowledge of the study or belonging to the same institution as the author – will not be selected for this step.

If there is any disagreement among the reviewers, a third reviewer may be employed. The final decision lies with the Editor responsible for the article. The editor may accept the article with only minor changes needing to be made, suggest major changes to the text, require the text to be reviewed and resubmitted, or reject the article.

Once an article has been accepted, the editorial staff at BJR may then proceed with any formal, orthographic and grammatical changes performed by specialized reviewers. The authors are consulted before making any changes.

BJR reserves the right to fully or partially publish opinions expressed in articles accepted for publication - provided they have been authorized by the reviewers. This procedure is in line with BJR’s Open Science policy

Texts which are not accepted for publication in the BJR magazine are stored on file and may be submitted to other periodicals.

You may access here BJR's Editorial process and timescales.