Guidelines for Authors

Original articles. Articles submitted to BJR must be original, on the Theory of Journalism, Research in Journalism, and Criticism of Journalism, and must prioritize research results.

Proceedings and previously published texts. Revised or expanded articles previously published in proceedings or repositories, regardless of language, may be submitted for publication, since in preprint modality.

Dossiers and constant flow. BJR accepts a constant flow of articles, preferably those that present research results. In addition, the journal publishes special dossiers on specific topics in journalism, the submission schedule of which is detailed in a Call for Papers.

Time between publications. Authors who have already published in the journal must wait for a period of 16 months (four issues) before having a new article (authorship or co-authorship) published.

Submission limits. The editors recommend that authors submit only one article for review, as per the time between publications described above.

Intellectual authorship. The submitted article must be the intellectual property of the author. The author must correctly include the data and references used and give credit to the author or source of information consulted. The author must also declare that all material included in his/her work is copyright free and that any legal disputes or claims related to intellectual property rights are the responsibility of said author, thus absolving the Brazilian Association of Researchers in Journalism (SBPJor), the journal itself and its editors of any responsibility for the materials presented in the articles.

Author contribution. Articles with two or more authors must inform of each researcher’s contribution to the article. Authors must compulsorily meet the following two basic requirements for contributing to articles submitted to the journal: a) actively participate in the discussion of results; b) review and approve the final version of the article. Additionally, we recommend that specific contributions regarding the article layout, the theoretical and methodological procedures, and the writing of the text be listed.

Languages for submissions.  BJR accepts submissions in Portuguese, Spanish, French or English. Any author who submits an article in Portuguese, Spanish or French must also send an English version 15 (fifteen) days after the article has been accepted by BJR.

OJS system. The submission of articles and monitoring of the editorial process must be carried out via the OJS System. If necessary, the editors may be contacted by email: