Texts and data mining and their possibilities applied to the process of news production
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data mining
cognitive sciences

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Lima Jr, W. T. (2008). Texts and data mining and their possibilities applied to the process of news production. Brazilian Journalism Research, 4(1), 104–120. https://doi.org/10.25200/BJR.v4n1.2008.136


The proposal of this essay is to discuss the challenges of representing in a formalist computational process the knowledge which the journalist uses to articulate news values for the purpose of selecting and imposing hierarchy on news. It discusses how to make bridges to emulate this knowledge obtained in an empirical form with the bases of computational science, in the area of storage, recovery and linked to data in a database, which must show the way human brains treat information obtained through their sensorial system. Systemizing and automating part of the journalistic process in a database contributes to eliminating distortions, faults and to applying, in an efficient manner, techniques for Data Mining and/or Texts which, by definition, permit the discovery of nontrivial relations.
PDF (Português (Brasil))

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