Research on participatory journalism in Brazil: a survey of the state of the art
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Holanda, A., Quadros, C., Silva, J. A. B., & Palacios, M. (2008). Research on participatory journalism in Brazil: a survey of the state of the art. Brazilian Journalism Research, 4(2), 54–68.


Worldwide interest in the study of participatory journalism has been growing in recent years and it is generally accepted that journalistic practices are undergoing considerable transformations as a result of this expanding conversational dimension (Gillmor, 2004; Bowman and Willis 2003; Brums, 2005; Deuze et al. 2006; Rutigliano, Hyun and Jeong, 2007) brought forwards by mechanisms that facilitate production and circulation of information through different participatory communication systems, such as forums, blogs, and sites of the open source type. In this study we produce a preliminary survey of thematic concentration and methodologies of research on blogs and other interactive models of journalistic publication in recent Brazilian contributions in this area.
PDF (Português (Brasil))

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