Journalism ethics and acceptance of gifts: a view from Madrid journalists
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Damas, S. H., & Baber, C. M. (2009). Journalism ethics and acceptance of gifts: a view from Madrid journalists. Brazilian Journalism Research, 5(2), 64–92.


The aim of this article is to present the partial results of a larger research project on journalistic ethics from the point of view of the professionals themselves. Specifically, the following pages analyze the perception of Madrid journalists with respect to the legitimacy of accepting various gifts when carrying out their work. The results of 30 in-depth interviews and 410 surveys of newspaper, radio, television, online and press office journalists who carry out their professional activity in the Autonomous Community of Madrid show that this group is very reluctant to accept gifts with a monetary value of over €200, or to carry out activities financed by a news source. Fewer problems arise regarding acceptance of presents of nominal value of a promotional merchandising nature, free tickets to shows and exhibitions, or paid meals and trips.
PDF (Português (Brasil))

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