Terra News: sensationalism and fait-divers on the Internet
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Terra News

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Golembiewski, C., & Pandini, D. (2009). Terra News: sensationalism and fait-divers on the Internet. Brazilian Journalism Research, 5(2), 125–145. https://doi.org/10.25200/BJR.v5n2.2009.215


This article presents an analysis of the news program Jornal do Terra (Terra News) shown on the Terra website. The study involved two aspects: forms of news presentations on TV, based on studies by Pedro Maciel, and criteria of news value, based on Mário Erbolatto’s view. In addition, we used Luis Arthur Ferraretto’s studies of the news formats used specifically on the radio. The objective of this work was to verify what kind of news is transmitted by the news program Terra News, and to compare it with the traditional news program we watch on TV. The study confirmed that Terra News utilizes conventional formats of news presentation and makes a selection of sensationalist news about fait-divers.
PDF (Português (Brasil))

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