Assessing the case of Dengue in Argentina 2009: discrimination and fear
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Korstanje, M. E. (2010). Assessing the case of Dengue in Argentina 2009: discrimination and fear. Brazilian Journalism Research, 6(1).


After almost a decade, the re-appearance of Dengue in Argentina caused panic and fears. Unlike Bolivia, Brazil and Paraguay where policies of preventions have been followed, the future of dengue is uncertain for Argentina; this paper does not have any political affiliation but emphasizes the role that mass media play in the coverage of epidemics. The question as to whether a newspaper or mass media corporation should maintain a minimum of objectivity is too complex to be resolved in this short article. However, we have so far set forth a model which will help other researchers to interpret topics of this nature in the future. In moments of disorder, uncertainty or disaster, societies experience a shift in the ways they perceive reality. As has been previously developed, uncertainty, gossip and ideological facets are inherent in all cases of social disturbances.
PDF (Português (Brasil))

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