The design of the covers of Zero Hora newspaper from 1990 to 2010
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Gruszynski, A., & Amaral, B. (2011). The design of the covers of Zero Hora newspaper from 1990 to 2010. Brazilian Journalism Research, 7(1), 146–168.


The article investigates the reformulations of the graphic presentation undergone by the Zero Hora (ZH) newspaper from 1990 to 2010, focusing on its covers. It analyzes how this publication revamped its design in this period, in order to discuss how such changes could be related to technological changes pertaining to the circulation of editions in other media as well. It questions relationships between visual elements and principles of journalistic editing, considering the history of the vehicle. The significant change in the layouts perceived in the years taken into consideration seems to be associated with the growing amount of information available in the graphic space that is permeated by the intense usage of graphic resources and images that often undermine the hierarchy of what is being reported.
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