Journalism Discourse and the narrative of resistance
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Journalism narratives
Cultural modernization
History of the journalism discourse

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Resende, F. (2005). Journalism Discourse and the narrative of resistance. Brazilian Journalism Research, 1(1), 177–194.


This paper aims at refl ecting upon journalistic narratives. The text is intended to carry out the task of reinventing the past, for the purpose of enlarging the notion one has concerning the narrative possibilities in the journalistic fi eld. The relation between the process of cultural modernization and the history of formation of the journalistic discourse in Brazil somehow makes explicit the predominance of a journalistic way of narrating that has been regulated almost exclusively at a technical level. In this particular matter, learning about the journalistic discourse in its historical perspective and attempting to analyze the so-called “narratives of resistance” complement the purpose, since that aims at the identifi cation and acknowledgement of the co-existence and intertwinement of narrative diversity in the contemporary journalistic discourse.
PDF (Português (Brasil))

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