Convocation regimes for environmentalism in Brazilian business magazines
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Business magazines
liberal-capitalism discourse

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Aidar Prado, J. L., & Prates, V. (2012). Convocation regimes for environmentalism in Brazilian business magazines. Brazilian Journalism Research, 8(2), 173–191.


The tensions between the liberal-capitalist discourse and the antagonistic discourses of environmentalism are of special interest in Brazil. This paper outlines a study of the convocation regimes employed in environmental reports published in 2010 in the two most prominent Brazilian economics and business magazines, whose communication contracts propose the modalization of executives and companies towards economic success. Its objective is to analyze how enunciators thematize environmental antagonisms while keeping their general communication contract within the liberal-capitalist paradigm. The enunciator constitutes a regime of sameness/otherness, where sameness is built upon the terms of the reformist orientation of environmentalism, while deep ecology and radical ecology are presented as othernesses. The nodal points that connect the chains of equivalence of the discursive field of environmentalism, in terms of environmental reformist sameness, or “sustainability,” are technology and efficient management, which return the reader to the original communication agreement.
PDF (Português (Brasil))

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