Convergence and transmedia: semantic galaxies and emergent narratives in journalism
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Transmedia Storytelling
Media Convergence.

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Alzamora, G., & Tárcia, L. (2012). Convergence and transmedia: semantic galaxies and emergent narratives in journalism. Brazilian Journalism Research, 8(1), 22–34.


This paper discusses the possibilities of the application in Journalism of the Transmedia Storytelling concept, proposed by Henry Jenkins (2003) for the fictional sphere. This paper first explores the definitions of Transmedia Storytelling and the conceptual differences between convergence and transmedia. It also proposes an approach to the transmedia concept in the journalistic universe, based on the perspective of knowledge produced in the transmedia dimension and on the formats’ informational specificities. The study concludes with an initial exploration of examples about emerging narratives in transmedia journalism. The examples addressed are Immersive Journalism and Newsgames, suggesting that experimentation is an outstanding aspect of transmedia storytelling.
PDF (Português (Brasil))


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