Convergence as a renovation/conservation tool for journalism in Galicia: strategies and uncertainties
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López García, X., Limia Fernández, M., Toural Bran, C., & Pereira Fariña, J. (2012). Convergence as a renovation/conservation tool for journalism in Galicia: strategies and uncertainties. Brazilian Journalism Research, 8(1), 48–62.


This paper offers a theoretical reflection on the concept of convergence in the Autonomous Community of Galicia, in Spain. In this geographic area, marked by its respect for journalistic tradition (especially referring to the press) and its inertia, it is possible to distinguish two different attitudes (actually conflicting) with regard to the convergence phenomenon. Conservation strategies coexist, therefore, (focusing mainly on the business aspect of the convergent phenomenon) with renovation strategies (creation of new spaces on the web, great commitment to the possibilities offered by new technologies and social networks). We are presenting an analytical study of the coexistence of these two interpretations of convergence (marketing and technological, respectively) in the communication ecosystem of Galicia. We can recognize the beginning of a dialectic tension between the discourses of renovation and conservation which at present coexist in harmony. It is assumed that the information industry in Galicia will eventually choose the path that guarantees the survival of its media.
PDF (Português (Brasil))

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