Knowledge of journalism in the hermeneutic circle
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Journalistic practice
Letters from journalists
Scientific knowledge
Hermeneutic circle

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Berger, C. (2010). Knowledge of journalism in the hermeneutic circle. Brazilian Journalism Research, 6(2), 17–25.


In the letters written by Voltaire, Juan Luis Cebrián and Alberto
Dines, I find a wisdom originating from experience which is transformed into knowledge for the practice of the profession.
In this wisdom there are signs that journalism dialogues with the
disciplines of the social sciences and of language, at the same time that their authors point out the issues which will be transformed into the subject for study according to the theories of journalism. From the wisdom of experience to scientific practice and from the latter to the practice of the profession there is a circulation of knowledge which, in this article, I place in the perspective of the hermeneutic circle indicated by Boaventura de Souza Santos.
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