New Tendencies of Research in Journalism
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Spanish journalism studies
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Noci, J. D. (2006). New Tendencies of Research in Journalism. Brazilian Journalism Research, 2(1), 13–38.


Amongst the countries of the European Union, Spain has the longest tradition of teaching journalism at the university. A tradition that is shorter, however, than that of many Iberoamerican countries. With its gaze directed both at Europe and at Latin America, Spain occupies an advantageous position, but at the same time fi nds itself at a crossroads since in a short time the European countries must harmonise their university education systems, dividing studies into graduate and post-graduate levels (master’s degrees, which did not exist before, and doctorates). This is a challenge that, in certain fi elds, such as research in cyberjournalism, the Spanish university must confront by establishing a dialogue and collaboration with neighbouring countries. In this paper we review the development of journalism studies in Spain, the academic associations and scientifi c journals on journalism and, fi nally, we refer to the key time in which we are living with the change in the university system.
PDF (Português (Brasil))

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