Anthropological teachings: the possibility of apprehension of the “Other” in Journalism



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Lago, C. (2015). Anthropological teachings: the possibility of apprehension of the “Other” in Journalism. Brazilian Journalism Research, 10(2), 172–187.


This paper intends to deepen the comprehension regarding the apprehension of the Other in the journalistic field, based on reflections on Anthropology, its specificity and field work. It results from the presupposition that Journalism plays a determining role in the structure and extension of democracy and citizenship and that its social responsibility, commonplace within the values of the field (LAGO, 2003) can only be fulfilled with the incorporation of otherness as a reference. Based on the comparison of how these different fields position themselves with relation to the Other, it seeks to perceive how to incorporate into Journalism elements of the anthropological perspective.

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