Corporate pressures on media: the case of a Chilean sports outlet


Corporate censorship
Chile media system
Market-driven journalism

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Lagos Lira, C. (2015). Corporate pressures on media: the case of a Chilean sports outlet. Brazilian Journalism Research, 11(1), 78–103.


The purpose of the paper is to analyze how corporate interests shape the Chilean media system as well as journalistic performance. The implications for democracy are discussed. This article uses a case study approach to show how corporate interests operate concretely on media to strengthen private interests instead of public ones. The article suggests that Chilean journalism is shaped mostly on a neoliberal frame, playing a collaborative role in order not to disturb the business environment because it creates employment and national economic growth. Secondly, the paper explores the case, which is analyzed within a development journalism approach following a broader public discourse about the development requirements for Chile. Indeed, journalism, corporations, and the economic sphere are strongly related despite the tensions and stresses of recent years in the Chilean media system.

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