The journalist and the other: on the vestiges of investigation and writing


Books written by reporters
Journalistic practices
Alexandra Lucas Coelho

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Schwaab, R., & Zamin, A. Z. (2015). The journalist and the other: on the vestiges of investigation and writing. Brazilian Journalism Research, 11(1), 198–215.


Understanding and writing journalistic narratives as developments in a unique relationship with time itself as well as questioning issues intrinsic to the profession is healthy. The current research examines books written by journalists as a space to pursue such understanding. More broadly, we aim to stress the relationship between media narratives with contemporary issues in a lapsed conceptual space. Thus, our examination takes into consideration three works by Portuguese journalist and writer Alexandra Lucas Coelho: Afghan Notebook (2009), Viva Mexico (2013) and Tahrir! The Days of the Revolution (2011), exploring what they tell us about Journalism and its processes of writing and investigating the concepts of time and of the Other.

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