Production VS. Reception
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Cultural studies
social discourse
theories of journalism

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Becker, B., Viana, T. de G., & Lima, M. H. C. de. (2006). Production VS. Reception. Brazilian Journalism Research, 2(2), 99–114.


TV newscasts are the product of information with major impact on contemporary society. The objective of this study is to investigate the relationships between production and audience through a quantitative and qualitative comparative analysis, especially observing the communicatory strategies used by newscasters to engage their viewers, and how diverse, socially active individuals are represented in local TV newscasts in the State of Rio de Janeiro. The study also refl ects upon the viability of professional practices more committed to social transformation, off ering information that can contribute to improving the public’s life quality, consolidating journalism as a source of knowledge. The study is supported by journalistic theories, cultural studies and social discourse semiology.
PDF (Português (Brasil))

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