Vol. 14 No. 1: (April 2018): Journalism and Gender Studies
(April 2018): Journalism and Gender Studies


Comitê Editorial da BJR
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DOSSIER/DOSSIÊ: Journalism and Gender Studies

Cláudia Lago, Ana Carolina Temer, Marli dos Santos, Sadia Jamil
Introduction to the Dossier: Journalism and Gender. Yes, this is subversive
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Karina Gomes Barbosa, Rafiza Varão
Error, Doubt and Gendered Journalism: A Look at the Rape Coverage in the Feature “A Rape On Campus”
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Márcia Veiga da Silva, Beatriz Marocco
The Feminine in the “Reporter Book”: An Epistemological View on Gender and Journalistic Practices
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Gean Oliveira Gonçalves, Cremilda Celeste de Araújo Medina
The Sign of Relation and the Challenges of Journalistic Narratives on the LGBT Community
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Ricardo Augusto de Saboia Feitosa
“Sui Generis” Journalism? Visibility, Identities and Journalistic Practices in a 1990s Brazilian Gay Magazine
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Juliana Depiné Alves Guimarães
The Dispersion of Senses about the “Anti-Homophobia Law” in Brazilian Newspapers: An Investigation Based on Membership Categorization Analysis
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Rita Basílio de Simões
News Media Power and Public Policy: The Mediatized Construction of Women Trafficking for Sexual Exploitation
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Laís Cristine Ferreira Cardoso, Nataly de Queiroz Lima, Heitor Costa Lima da Rocha
Reproductive Rights and Journalism: The Case of Brazilian Women's Spring
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Andrea Meyer Medrado, Ana Paula Muller
Maternal Rights Digital Activism and Intersectional Feminism: an Analysis of the Independent Media Platform “Cientista Que Virou Mãe”
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Nathalia Cunha da Silva, Elizabeth Moraes Gonçalves
The Discourse of Female Photojournalists: The Imbalance between Remunerated Labor and Maternity as a Professional Calling
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Liziane Soares Guazina, Dione Oliveira Moura, Fabíola Orlando Calazans, Fernanda Martinelli, Liliane Machado
Respect The Girls! Discursive Analysis on the Developments of the Chronicle "The Intern/Melissinha’s First Day of Work" by Correio Braziliense
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Pâmela Caroline Stocker, Silvana Copetti Dalmaso
The Culture of Rape is Debated: The Discord of Feelings between Journalism and Diário Gaúcho Readers
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Fernanda Castilho, Richard Romancini
The Struggle of Girls in the Media: Framing and Perceptions of School Occupations in São Paulo
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