Call for papers for 2021 (Vol. 17, n. 2): Journalism and Experimenting

This call for papers refers to the different forms of experimenting in journalism, which in recent decades have undergone in-depth and expedited changes. There are many reasons for these changes: the crisis associated with the economic model of media companies, adapting to escalating technological advancements, misinformation, dissatisfaction, or even discredit on the part of citizens. Experimenting has become imperative for the media in the face of these challenges. Experimenting here refers to an experiment which is result-driven. It is one of the paths that journalism has historically used to continuously adapt and utilize new contexts of production, transmission, and reception. This call for papers is open to experiments conducted within and outside the journalistic system. It is these experiments that will give rise to questions which journalism then must be able to answer, both from the past and the present, and whose reason for being does not always appear self-evident.

Before submitting, please consult the author guidelines.

Call for papers (EN): Journalism and Experimenting

Appel à communication (FR): Journalisme et expérimentations

Chamada de Trabalhos (PT): Jornalismo e Experimentações