Call for papers for 2021 (Vol. 18, n. 2): Entrepreneurial journalism

This special edition of Brazilian Journalism Research interrogates and collates the links between entrepreneurialism and journalism, in emergent journalistic practices and socioeconomic models. The growing recognition of entrepreneurial values and practices in the journalism domain has occurred against a backdrop of interlinked changes in journalism and media in the economic, technological, social, ideological and regulatory terrains. These are most prominent not only in the emergence of new digital actors and new configurations of national and international media landscapes but also in the reframing of normative journalistic practices, organisational structures, modes of production, distribution and financial sustainability. In this vein then, entrepreneurial journalism delineates new relations between actors, publics and domains of activit.

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Call for papers (EN): Entrepreneurial journalism

Appel à communication (FR): Journalisme et entrepreneuriat

Chamada de Trabalhos (PT): Jornalismo e Empreendedorismo

Convocatoria para publicaciones (ES): Periodismo y emprendimiento