Vol. 15 No. 3: (December 2019): Fake news: challenges and risks for contemporary journalism
(December 2019): Fake news: challenges and risks for contemporary journalism

DOSSIER/DOSSIÊ: Fake news: challenges and risks for contemporary journalism

Mozahir Salomão Bruck, Lorena Tárcia, Renira Rampazzo Gambarato
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Maria Ivete Trevisan Fossá, Kauane Andressa Müller
Crosscheck as a legitimization strategy of the journalism field in reaction to fake news
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Marcelo Träsel, Sílvia Lisboa, Giulia Reis Vinciprova
Post-truth and trust in journalism: an analysis of credibility indicators in Brazilian venues
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Mônica Chaves, Adriana Braga
The agenda of disinformation: "fake news" and membership categorization analysis in the 2018 Brazilian presidential elections
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Eli Borges Júnior
What is the post-truth? Elements for a critique of the concept
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Dario Brito Rocha Jr., Anthony José da Cunha Carneiro Lins, Alice Cristiny Ferreira de Souza, Luiz Felipe de Oliveira Libório, André Henrique de Brito Leitão, Flávio Henrique Souza Santos
VERIFIC.AI application: automated fact-checking in Brazilian 2018 general elections
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Sylvia Moretzsohn
Chaff, wheat, filters, and bubbles: a discussion on fake news, journalism, credibility, and affections at network times
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João Canavilhas, Maíra Bittencourt, Marco de Andrade
Viral content on Facebook: a case study on the run-up to the Brazilian 2018 presidential elections
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João Carlos Correia, Pedro Jerónimo, Anabela Gradim
Fake news: emotion, belief and reason in selective sharing in contexts of proximity
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Xosé López-García, Ángel Vizoso, Sara Pérez-Seijo
Verification initiatives in the scenario of misinformation. Actants for integrated plans with multi-level strategies
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